Our Story

Our story only has one part so far: a beginning. And like any good story, the rest is unwritten.  Steel City began with a bunch of proud Novocastrians, who got together over a beer and agreed that the people of Hunter Region needed a brand to call their own. The vision was pretty simple, great beer, at a fair price and with no added shop talk because that's the way beer should be.

In the process we’ve been lucky enough to work with the Godfather of Australian brewing Chuck Hahn, along with some of Tooheys top brewers to ensure our products are fit for purpose and of the highest quality. 

From here, we’ve got big plans in motion to build a landmark brewery at home in Newcastle whilst celebrating all the things we love within the modern working class, undivided by the values that we share in sports, community and culture.


Our Beer

Our beer is brewed with three things in mind - easy drinking, refreshing and highly sessionable.  When it comes to our lager, Reward Yourself with the mild hop aroma, low bitterness and the clean crisp taste of a job done well! Look out for our soon to be released Steel City Pale Ale and Steel City Mid Strength Lager. More to come...


Our Commitment

Forged from the Hunter’s working class spirit, Steel City believes in a ‘doing well, by doing good’ approach, with an steadfast vision that supports and strengthens the communities we serve and the environment in which we operate. We understand the connective role that beer plays in how we bond and interact with one another, facilitating conversations and of course celebrating the crisp clean taste of a job done well!

As a genuine reminder that we’re a beer company that goes beyond small talk at the pub, Steel City’s ‘great beer always helps’ has raised over $10,000 to date and intends to continue to support and help give back to both community and charity groups through a variety of mechanisms. If you know of a worthy cause, event or fundraiser that Steel City could support, please get in contact and we look forward to sharing a beer or two with you.


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